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Gian Carlo Manzoni: Team Facilitator in Italy

Gian Carlo is a team facilitator with over 18 years’ experience as a certified professional facilitator (linked to IAF association) to corporate clients.  With a background in engineering, a master in educational sciences  and a passion, as a facilitator : he really enjoys helping others to be trained in facilitation and working with clients to learn and use facilitation for group and team issues.

He has been delivering trainings for multinational companies since 1999 (Unilever, HP, Merck, Glaxo, Henkel, Yazaki, AirB & B, Triumph, Arkema, Assimoco, Banca Sella, Unipol Banking, Federal Mogul, Sorin, Ferrari, Prink, ecc)

He also works for International Learning & Training Providers who hire him as a Team Facilitator in Italy.

His clients come to him get new inputs and ideas for their innovation journey and for depth of understanding of why and how things do and don’t work and how that knowledge is applied in their moment as well as adapted in the right way

He will help your team to go forward to a transformational strategy thanks to tried and tested practical wisdom about participatory, long range and strategic planning

He works with several organizations (corporate and medium enterprises) In rapidly changing, looking for a facilitator able to guide them through complex landscape and develop their leaders with concrete plans.

As a Team Facilitator Giancarlo helps his clients to work out answers , working together. When many minds focus together a new array of ideas and options can generate profound Insight, creative strategy and high resolve in the whole group. As a counsellor  Gian Carlo encourages a diversity of perspectives to resolve conflict and find integrated solutions to complex problems.

Gian Carlo has the capacity to present ideas through visuals (symbols, images, colors, etc.) and is certified as a visual story facilitator and coach

He can help you to:

  • Use a systematic process of self-reflection and learning which leads to adaptation or shift in the facilitation practices.
  • Transform teams and groups, that comes from a fully engaging people in the decisions that affect their work and lives
  • Benefit from the case studies and detailed procedures that launch organizational transformation
  • Practice strategic thinking that forges breakthrough strategy

With the organization, Gian Carlo has been providing facilitation services to senior executives and other business leaders in Italy and international companies for over 17 years through consultancy services. Before he was manager in Microsoft and then in Indicod (now Gs1), therefore in Cegos and NEC/PackardBell.

He started an IAF Chapter in Milan serving as chair and partnered with Sol Italy (Society of Organizational Learning) and promotes and IAF facilitation through national Italian associations. Assisted one of his client in winning the IAF Global Award Golden Prize 2019.

Has written numerous articles about facilitation and training, facilitative leadership, experiential adult learning, systems thinking, change management, problem solving, etc., added to the IAF Database and has a book in press. Has promoted facilitation through the first Italian facilitation training masterclass since 2014.

Has undertaken Master Trainer’s Training Certification course and developed effective training methods that employ a variety of approaches to stimulate learning and retention. He offers a facilitation skills masterclass highlighting IAF and was the first to offer this in Italy. He co-facilitates and mentors customers and new facilitators.

For instance, He facilitare his clients to become:

  • Concrete facilitative leaders
  • Pioneers of the participatory approach to planning and deliberation
  • Better team facilitators and effective communicators
  • More authentic and trustworthy
  • More concerned with engaging people in effective problem solving and decision making
  • Better involved in action planning

In short, Gian Carlo help his clients to lead a transformational strategy generating commitment to implementation

And in short again his approach about building a visible transformation is done by

  • Cultivating a rapport and collaborative relationship with participants
  • Allowing the group to define their own meanings and direction where possible
  • Having the knowledge and understanding of a variety of facilitation tools and techniques;
  • Being a master coach and a master trainer

My corporate clients are:

  • Comples landscape organization leaders
  • Team leaders and group managers
  • Small- and medium-sized business principals, including their staff
  • Employees with different and specific development challenges
  • Internal new talented facilitators

Gian Carlo  works with most of his clients in face-to-face meetings, but when the concurrent situations require, he also works online via Miro/Mural, Zoom, WebEx, Qiqochat , doing on line and virtual facilitation

His facilitation contract differs depending on the needs of each client and organisation. He prepares a facilitation proposal based both on a concrete visible transformation and on his conversations with the clients and the appropriate decision-makers within each organisation. He can gives examples he helped to transform and corporate client testimonials based on his Cv.

All information shared between me and my clients, both personal and corporate, will be held in strictest confidence, according to IAF code of ethics and local privacy laws (GDPR).


Gian Carlo has been facilitating in Italy and around Europe for over 17 years. He integrated training sessions with team coaching sessions for several years.  He has a master degree in Engineering (with a marketing focus) and he is one of the first certified facilitators in Italy (by IAF) and he has over two decades of experience in personal and professional development, training and organisational change.  He attended numerous facilitation conferences worldwide. He acquired knowledge of facilitation and participatory methods such as Appreciative Inquiry, Emotional Intelligence, Storytelling, Creative problem Solving, Kolb’s Learning Cycle applied to facilitation processes, ToP methods, ToP Participatory Strategic Planning, U theory, Liberating Structures, etc.

He started his U Theory Journey with IAF before and then in Boston with Otto Scharmer directly, promoting him in Italy. He participated in ICA’S gatherings and studied ICA’s technology of participations. He is a “Dan Roam” Red Belt (“The back of the Napkin” ) Master Trainer and “Dan Roam” “Show & Tell” Master Trainer.  He is METALOG EOL (Experienced Learning Training) Trainer and he introduced both all the METALOG training tools and the METALOG methodology in Italy as first developer and pioneer.

Prior to starting his coaching and training and facilitation practices, he worked as internet manager  and on publisher for Microsoft Italy, then for EAN Italy (member of EAN International, now Gs1 Italy) , then with Cegos Italy as management consultant and trainer, therefore for NEC/Packard Bell as Internet Manager .  He started different start ups and he is actually both the owner of E-Consultant (Training/Facilitation/Leadership) company and METALOG Italy (Experiential learning tools training provider) , member of METALOG GmBH group.

Gian Carlo lives and works in Italy, but also abroad when there are concrete possibilities (Belgium, Stuttgart, Istanbul, Barcellona, Lugano, London, etc.).He works in Spanish and English in addition to his native Italian. Furthermore, as he had had an international career looking at different teams and groups of works: this helped and helps him understand the different challenges his clients are currently facing specially managing international teams.

About facilitation he wrotes articles about IAF (Designing Meaningful Innovation journey) : focus Design Thinking & U Theory , then the “IAF Global award case”  in the “Host leadership Field book” by Mark McKergow and Pierlugi Pugliese. He wrote the Introduction to “Leading from the emerging (Italian version) future by Otto Scharmer, and he gaves his contribution to the Introduction of “Presence” (Italian version) future by Peter Senge. He wrote the introduction to the METALOG methodology (Italian version) by Tobias Voss focus.He published 11 books about management and professional and personal development.

He started the MILAN IAF North Italy Chapter in October 2010, as first chapter leader, promoting first IAF meetings about facilitation. I made a partnership, as IAF North Italy Chapter,with Sol Italy in 2012 (Society of Organizational, From the 2015 to 2017  I was also SoL Italy chair and currently a member.

Facilitation & Training Activities

In addition to facilitation services and 1:1 executive coaching and counselling,  as said Gian Carlo also develops bespoke dedicated workshops and training programmes (in house in presence and/or in virtual delivery), in partnership mainly with E-consultant and METALOG Italy,  for client organisations.

Examples of facilitation & training workshops include:

  • Facilitation skills training for managers and team leaders
  • Lego and creative tools facilitation & Training
  • METALOG training tools facilitation & training
  • Experience oriented learning (EOL) trainer’s training course
  • Appreciative Inquiry facilitation & training
  • Facilitation skills training
  • Business model canvass facilitation and training
  • Facilitation masterclass **
  • Top Participatory Planning (facilitation and training)
  • Project Management training
  • Top facilitation and training
  • U theory facilitation & training
  • Action planning facilitation & training
  • Visual thinking skills training
  • Creative Problem facilitation & training
  • Facilitative leadership training
  • “The back of the napkin” facilitation & training
  • “Show & Tell” facilitation & training

** Some facilitation masterclass training courses such as  “Facilitation within the organizations” have been evaluated as rare examples of local initiatives by the IAF according to their competences and credentials.

In addition to  these  facilitation  activities Gian Carlo also develops bespoke workshops and  other trainings and coaching programmes for individuals and organisations. Please see Gian Carlo’s other profile as a Leadership Coach


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