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Gian Carlo Manzoni: Leadership Trainer in Italy

Gian Carlo is a Leadership Trainer  in Italy with over 20 years’ experience as professional trainer (linked to AIF association -Italian association of trainers) to corporate clients.  With a background in engineering, a master in educational sciences his purpose is to train and facilitate adaptive and resonant leadership, favoring personal growth and collective leadership as a consequence.

He has been delivering trainings for multinational companies since 1999 (Unilever, HP, Merck, Glaxo, Henkel, Yazaki, AirB & B, Triumph, Arkema, Assimoco, Banca Sella, Unipol Banking, Federal Mogul, Sorin, Ferrari, Prink, ecc)

He also works for International Learning & Training Providers who hire him as a Leadership Trainer in Italy.

His clients come to him get because they know he has been an entrepreneur for more than 25 years in the field of internet marketing and heads hunting, training and consultancy and experiential learning for adults and organizations.

Meanwhile and after his carrer as a manager, he founded four companies (DDM/Jpbcafè; E-consultant; NLPUnion; METALOG Italy) and he was among the founders of different Global chapters in Italy (SoL Italy and IAF)

He  introduced new training methods such as METALOG, mBraining (neuroscience and mindfulness) and EBW (emotional intelligence at work), focusing his experience on facilitation, empowerment and leadership, coaching and organizational counseling, with ethics, motivation and integrity

As mainly a leadership developer trainer Giancarlo helps his clients with an integral leadership approach and consolidated integrated methods and tools: experiential, emotional and systemic learning projects also through individual coaching, meditation and group facilitation, therefore, a transformative strategy thanks to visual thinking and different assessments

As a Leadership Trainer  in Italy Gian Carlo encourages spiritual intelligence, paying close attention to our words, visions and emotions. He uses several leadership development and learning tools in an intelligently integrated way.

Gian Carlo keeps all this with a secret fire that has always accompanied him.

He can help you to:

  • improve personal organization,
  • foster innovation and creativity,
  • Transform Leadership (own or group/teams)
  • resolve and manage conflicts
  • consciously reduce stress
  • sell more changing own mindset

Gian Carlo has been providing training services to senior executives and other business leaders in Italy and international companies for over 17 years through consultancy services. Before he was manager in Microsoft and then in Indicod (now Gs1), therefore in Cegos and NEC/PackardBell.

His style of leadership combines these Neuroscience findings with behavioral modeling research conducted by different authors: a number of key insights have been found about the roles of the heart and gut brains for adaptive and generative leadership.

He has developed the EBL (Empowerment based Leadership) Programme to create more skillfull interactions among ourselves and doing everyday what we so clearly understand.

For instance, his field of integral leadership development  helps  his clients to :

  • use practical methods fand tool kits or aligning and integrating their head,
    heart and gut brains
  • increase levels of emergent wisdom in their decision-making
  • develop an expanded core identity as an authentic leaders
  • harness the full intuitive and innate intelligence
  • develop emotions and behaviours at work
  • practice presence, confidence, courage and compassion

In short, Gian Carlo help his clients to lead a transformational change providing a somatic and unconscious shift into our atomic habits that brings concrete manifestation to the understanding

And in short again his training approach is done by

  • Cultivating an enjoyable, stimulating and challenging relationships with participants
  • Allowing the participants to use what they learn every single day
  • Transforming his style to center himself to the participant’s needs;

My corporate clients are:

  • Executive leaders
  • Team leaders and group managers
  • Line managers
  • Small- and medium-sized business principals, including their staff
  • Employees with different and specific development challenges

Gian Carlo  works with most of his clients in face-to-face meetings, but when the concurrent situations require, he also works online via Miro/Mural, Zoom, WebEx, Qiqochat , doing on line and virtual facilitation

His training contract differs depending on the needs of each client and organisation. He prepares a training  proposal based both on a concrete visible transformation and on his conversations with the clients and the appropriate decision-makers within each organisation. He can gives examples he helped to transform and corporate client testimonials based on his Cv.

All information shared between me and my clients, both personal and corporate, will be held in strictest confidence, according to IAF code of ethics and local privacy laws (GDPR).


Gian Carlo has been training in Italy and around Europe for over 20 years.  He has a master degree in Engineering (Politecnico of Milan), a master in Innovative technologies and in educational sciences (Universidad De Navarra). When he was manager he started his own very long personal journey in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) becoming a trainer with R.Dilts and therefore a mBraining trainer (ìwith G.Soosalu, exploring neurosciences and the three brains of leadership.  He is also a “Dan Roam” Red Belt (“The back of the Napkin” ) Master Trainer and “Dan Roam” “Show & Tell” Master Trainer.  He is METALOG EOL (Experienced Learning Training) Senior Trainer and he introduced both all the METALOG training tools and the METALOG methodology in Italy as first developer and pioneer.

Prior to starting his training journey, he worked as internet manager and publisher for Microsoft Italy, then for EAN Italy (member of EAN International, now Gs1 Italy) also as internal trainer, then with Cegos Italy as management consultant and trainer, therefore for NEC/Packard Bell as Internet Manager .

Gian Carlo lives and works in Italy, but also abroad when there are concrete possibilities (Belgium, Stuttgart, Istanbul, Barcellona, Lugano, London, etc.).He works in Spanish and English in addition to his native Italian. He puts strong emphasis in instructional design which includes: hybrid learning techniques, meaningfulness, structure, connection to real life situations and problem based reflection and action.  He was also internal trainer in the secular Franciscan order to which he belongs

About leadership he wrotes different articles, a case study in the “Host leadership Field book” by Mark McKergow and Pierlugi Pugliese. He wrote the Introduction to “Leading from the emerging (Italian version) future by Otto Scharmer, and he gaves his contribution to the Introduction of “Presence” (Italian version) future by Peter Senge. He wrote the introduction to the METALOG methodology (Italian version) by Tobias Voss.He published 11 books about leadership aand professional and personal development, such as “ The manager of change, Empowering own Professionalism, Creativity and personal development (FAG publisher)

Training Activities

In addition to facilitation services and 1:1 executive coaching and counselling,  as said Gian Carlo also develops bespoke dedicated workshops and training programmes (in house in presence and/or in virtual delivery), in partnership mainly with E-consultant and METALOG Italy,  for client organisations.

Examples of  leadership training workshops include:

  • Leadership Intermediate and Advanced
  • Standards of Leadership
  • Self leadership
  • Dialogic leadership
  • Empowerment based leadership
  • Presence based leadership
  • Coaching based leadership
  • Authentic leadership
  • Host leadership
  • Transformational leadership
  • Ethic leadership
  • mBraining leadership
  • Facilitative leadership
  • Integral and collective leadership
  • Awareness to action leadership
  • Safety leadership
  • Leadership strategies
  • Performance and Change Management
  • Influencing skills
  • Relating and Communication Skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • High Performing teams
  • Train the trainers/facilitators
  • Emotional Intelligence (EBW situational leadership)
  • Decision Making and Assertivity
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Conflict Management
  • Management foundations
  • Personal development and empowerment
  • NLP skills for leadership
  • Public speaking
  • “Show & Tell “ memorable speakings
  • Visual thinking skills training
  • Problem Solving and Creative Problem Solving.

In addition to  these  training activities Gian Carlo also develops bespoke workshops and  other trainings and coaching programmes for individuals and organisations.

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