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Gian Carlo Manzoni: Leadership Coach in Italy

Gian Carlo is a Leadership Coach with over 18 years’ experience as a professional coach (linked to ICF association) to private and corporate clients.  With a background in engineering, a master in educational sciences  and a passion, as a counsellor, to help people gain vision and new commitment, he can help you make the decisions fueling the motivation to transform with a well-being productive approach.

His clients come to him to discuss all kinds of issues, some in their personal lives and some in their professional lives.  He will help you work out what’s important (with capital letter) and take a dynamic method within transformation. His clients have to gain the most from their life.

He also work with Corporate such as Unilever, HP, Merck, Glaxo, Henkel, Yazaki, AirB & B, Triumph, Arkema, Assimoco, Banca Sella, Unipol Banking, Federal Mogul, Sorin, Ferrari, Prink, who hire him as a Leadership Coach in Italy

He also works for International Learning & Training Providers who hire him as a Leadership Coach in Italy. to develop their talents and guide their executives and line managers.

As a Leadership coach for individuals Giancarlo helps his clients to work out answers to current questions and challenges they are coping and to make plans for a very positive change. As a counsellor and a mBraining Master Coach , Gian Carlo is skilled at listening very carefully and asking helpful and magic questions. He uses different assessments to gain a first practical vision together, developing your emotional intelligence according to the neurosciences updated approaches.

He can help you to:

  • Turn the challenges of leadership into opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Identify limiting beliefs, blind spots and fall back on reactive habits
  • Cultivate authenticity, courage and clear seeing
  • Practice conscious embodiment

Gian Carlo has been providing training and coaching services to senior executives and other business leaders in Italy and international companies for over 17 years. He was manager in Microsoft/Indicod (now Gs1), Cegos and NEC/PackardBell and SOL Italy (Society for Organizational Learning ) chapter Lead. He is a certified mBraining Trainer and Master Coach. He is a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation) and a NLP approved trainer by Robert Dilts. He is also an Enneagram Coach in partnership with Awareness to Action International and and EBW (Emotions and Behaviours at work) Global coach and advanced team facilitator.

Gian Carlo supports his clients in the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis running companies and managing teams. He knows Leader’s and team’s emotional Intelligence change core drivers that impact team performance. For instance, He coach his clients to become:

  • Authentic leaders, letting go of pretense

Better team managers and effective communicators

  • More confident appreciating uncertainty
  • More awareness (with an mbraining and mindfulness approach) into the workplace
  • Better stress and time managers

In short, Gian Carlo help his clients to transform their leadership as an expression of unconditional confidence

And in short again his approach about building both individuals and teams/boards effectiveness is:

  • Individual/Team Diagnostic & Reviews
  • Individual Coaching (Counselling)
  • Team Building using EBW & METALOG EQ Maps (depending on the needs)
  • Individual/Team ROI Diagnostic

My corporate clients are:

  • Board members and senior executives
  • Team leaders and line managers
  • Small- and medium-sized business principals, including their staff
  • Top organisational talent and high-potentials
  • Employees with different and specific development challenges

Gian Carlo  works with most of his clients in face-to-face meetings, but when the concurrent situations require, he also works online via MsTeams, Zoom, WebEx, AdobeConnect and telephone.

His coaching contract differs depending on the needs of each client and organisation. He prepares a coaching proposal based both on a concrete visible transformation and on his conversations with the clients and the appropriate decision-makers within each organisation. He can gives examples he helped to solve and corporate client testimonials based on his Cv.

All information shared between me and my clients, both personal and corporate, will be held in strictest confidence, according to ICF/Assocounseling code of ethics and local privacy laws (GDPR).


Gian Carlo has been coaching both private and corporate clients in Italy and around Europe for over 17 years. He integrated training sessions with team coaching sessions for several years.  He has a master degree in Engineering and he is one of the first counsellors in Italy (first Sico and then Assocounseling ) and over two decades of experience in personal and professional development, training and organisational change.  He is a certified mBraining Trainer and Master Coach and he trained as mBit (multiple brain techniques) more then 100 coachs. He is  an ICF Coach (on going PCC level) and he is also a NLP Trainer (also master advanced) with a Master in Hypnosis . He is one of the first certified professional facilitator in Italy (members of IAF worldwide). He is an Enneagram Coach (ATA Global approach) and EBW Global Facilitator and coach.. He started an online empowerment coaching based approach (Empowerment based leadership model providing an immensely practical and valuable set of tools to help clients to be more creating and effective at work and in their life).

Prior to starting his coaching and training and facilitation business, he worked as internet manager  and on publisher for Microsoft Italy, then for EAN Italy (member of EAN International, now Gs1 Italy) , then with Cegos Italy as management consultant and trainer, therefore for NEC/Packard Bell as Internet Manager .  He started different start ups and he is actually both the owner of E-Consultant (Training/Facilitation/Leadership) company and METALOG Italy (Experiential learning tools training provider) , METALOG Europena group member.

Gian Carlo lives and works in Italy, but also abroad when there are concrete possibilities (Belgium, Stuttgart, Instanbul, Barcellona, Lugano, London, etc.) and he believes his training and experience help him work with people from all walks and ways of life and from all professional backgrounds with confidence and credibility.  Furthermore, as he had had an international career looking at different teams and groups of works: this helped and helps him understand the different challenges his clients are currently facing specially managing international teams.

He published 11 management and human development books (see books published) and throughout his career, he has contributed to different books (e.g., Presence, Leadership from an emerging future, The Metalog methodology,  Experiential learning activities and Action Learning).  He has also appeared on different conferences and workshop and TV programmes. He has been practicing Tai Chi for ten years and he is member of the Franciscan order.


Training Activities

In addition to 1:1 executive coaching,  as said Gian Carlo also develops bespoke workshops and training programmes (in house in presence and/or in virtual delivery), in partnership mainly with E-consultant and METALOG Italy,  for client organisations.

Examples of training workshops include:

  • Coaching skills training for managers and organisational leaders
  • Coaching and Team Coaching with METALOG Training tools*
  • mBraining Coaching certification course*
  • Experiennce oriented learning (EOL) trainer’s training course
  • Developing a positive and productive organisational and management culture
  • Facilitation skills training
  • Relating and Communication training
  • Project Management training
  • Time management skills training
  • Influencing skills training
  • Neurolinguistic skills training
  • Delegation skills training
  • Solution Selling skills training
  • Challenging Sale skills training
  • Team effectiveness skills training
  • Emotional Intelligence skills training
  • Visual thinking skills training
  • Conflict Management skills training
  • Stress awareness  training for managers
  • Public Speaking and presentation skills training
  • Leadership fundamentals and Leadership advanced skills training
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making skills training
  • Empowerment based leadership skills training

* Some coaching skills training courses such ad  ‘Coaching and Team Coaching with METALOG Training tools” and “mBraining Coaching certification course”are accredited by the ICF under their ‘CCE” credential.

In addition to training activities Gian Carlo also develops facilitation activities with bespoke workshops with several methodologies and master facilitation programmes for organisations. Please see Gian Carlo’s other profile as Facilitator.

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